Decorative & Miscellaneous Gallery

Oak Dragon
Ancient bog oak, oak base and distressed steel post
Large acorn and oak leaf made from oak, turned and carved. Designed as handling objects for people with visual impairment.
Tibetan mantra of compassion in oak
Nautical Dolphins in oak
The client's elderly neighbour lost a chestnut tree that was very dear to her, so asked John to carve a heart for her from a piece of the salvaged wood. What a wonderful gesture, a pleasure to carve.
Face in limewood
Bust in limewood
Face in lime
Commemorative plaque for B.M.W. motorcycle rider. Aprox 18 inches square from English oak
This is an exact replica of the Wirral Horn (emblem of the Wirral) carved in medieval oak from beams salvaged from Ince Grange, Cheshire
Nautical clock and plaque
Nautical dolphins in oak
Plinth for salvaged piece of stonework from Lady Lever Art Gallery Wirral
Acorn in Oak with carved text
Handmade knives beech handles
Selection of pieces in lime and oak