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Tree of Life

Abstract piece carved from black mulberry wood, mainly burr, cut from the trunk. It is truly a carving to explore, and discover a variety of faces and creatures. The wood when cut is a wonderful mustard yellow colour, streaked and tinged with rich dark browns.

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Kingfisher in pine

Bird 6 Bird 7 (480x640)

Wirral Horn Replica scroll down for detailed information

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This is an exact replica of the Wirral Horn (emblem of the Wirral) carved in medieval oak from beams salvaged from Ince Grange, Cheshire, kindly donated by the owner. (On the left)

The oak was dated by Nottingham Tree Ring Dating Laboratory, it started growing in 1440.

The horn was commissioned by Jack Heery to be presented to the Mayor of Wirral to commemorate the publication of the translation of The Cheshire Forest Eyre Roll of 1357. This is a medieval document recording crimes, and subsequent punishments, against Forest Law on the Wirral. It was translated by members of the Ranulph Higden Society and took 20 years to complete. It is published by The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.







Ancient Wisdom, bog oak

Ancient bog oak, oak base and distressed steel post

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Owl in flight


Box with initials


Oak fire mantle


   ‘Hell is empty and all the devils are here’


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Nautical clock and plaque

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LION_0004 (2)