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Public sculptures

IMG_1488 (640x480) (640x480)


John carving in Ashton Park, West Kirby, Wirral






Carvings in elm tree at the White Lion pub West Kirby Wirral.


Owls in fallen beech tree


Fairy house



Work in progress:  fairy house from fallen beech tree

Ashton Park

Start of caricature face for tree seat, carved into holm oak.

Ashton Park

Enchanted Wood

Finished face and seat.IMG_1068 (768x1024)



Baby owls
Owl from oak stump Ashton Park
Seals from fallen pine tree.

Totem pole

Totem poles

Totem poles carved for the Girl Guides centenary. Approximately 700 girls and leaders helped  to carve these poles during their 2010 camp

Ness Botanical Gardens

Bird of prey and owl carved from pine stump for Ness Botanical Gardens Wirral

Memorial Sculpture


Memorial sculpture for Hamish Miller.

Infinity symbol with heart made from oak with oiled finish.

Support made from forged steel.






Start and finish of infinity symbol.


Face carved for Hamish Miller.